Bakody's Test

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Bakody’s Test or Shoulder Abduction Test

This test can be utilized to assess for cervical radiculopathy. This test can only be executed assuming the patient has resting symptoms. To execute the test first assess for resting symptoms and then ask your patient to raise their arm and place their hand on their head. If a reduction of the patient’s symptoms occurs then the test is considered positive.

Wainner et. al. 2003

Sn: 17


+LR: 2.1

This test appears to be highly specific when attempting to accurately diagnose cervical radiculopathy. It should not be utilized as a screening tool secondary to it’s low sensitivity.

Note: If the patient does not have resting symptoms then you may ask during the subjective examination if they have symptom relief by raising their arm above their head when symptomatic. This may lead you to a further evaluation of their neurological system clinically.